Steven Prinz, MD

Staff Psychiatrist


Steven Prinz Bio Photo

Dr. Steven Prinz is a board-certified psychiatrist and certified eating disorder specialist. Dr. Prinz specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders and other psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Prinz has been in practice since 1992. He has held many esteemed psychiatric/eating disorder positions. He has worked in private practice treating patients with complex eating disorders, anxiety disorders as well as many other psychiatric conditions. He has been medical director of an anxiety disorder program and an eating disorder program of a major hospital in the Chicago western suburbs. 

Dr. Prinz has been medical director as well as a regional medical director of a national eating disorder facility. Dr. Prinz has held several positions with the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders(ANAD). He has been a past regional board member, past vice president as well as past president of ANAD’s scientific committee. Dr. Prinz has been a member of the Academy of eating disorders. Dr Prinz is a member of IAEDP, a certified eating disorder specialist and currently medical liaison for the Hartland chapter of IAEDP.

Dr. Prinz has been a speaker for ANAD, IAEDP and NEDA. Dr. Prinz has been published in the Columbia chronicle, quoted in the good men project with a focus on males with eating disorders: Suicide risk factors. 

He has been a featured speaker in podcasts through DULY on anxiety disorders as well as men’s mental health. He has been quoted in an article featured by the Center for Discovery: Boys with Eating Disorders May Face Greater Risk of Suicide. He has been quoted in an article: Is Anxiety Biological? By James Rochford. Dr. Prinz is the co-author of the book ” The Anxious Brain”: Neurobiological basis of anxiety disorders and how to effectively treat them.

Dr. Prinz received his medical degree through The Chicago Medical School. He completed his residency training at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine. He has been involved in educating medical students and residents through several different medical/residency programs.

Dr. Prinz brings extensive expertise in the treatment of serious behavioral health conditions including eating disorders, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. He is committed to helping patients and families address the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of recovery. He approaches psychiatry with the philosophy that mental illness has biochemical, psychological, and social components. 

His belief is that to treat mental health illness, one needs to incorporate a collaborative team approach. The team often will include a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner, therapist, primary care physician, nurse, dietitian, and case manager. He strongly believes that people with mental health issues deserve to and can have great improvement in quality of life. He is creative in managing psychiatric medications. He sees medications as a piece of the puzzle in helping one achieve emotional wellness. If medications can help reduce anxiety and depression, one will be more mindful and present in therapy. This will allow therapy to be more productive in helping oneself improve their mental/physical health.

Dr. Prinz like so many others is continuously working on the work life balance. He enjoys painting by number, taking mindful walks in the forest preserves, spending committed family time with his wife and children. He is honored and thrilled to be working with Julie Friedman, Laura Lange, and the Skyway team