Caregivers, The Hidden Superpower

Woman smelling a sunflower

By: Briana Redding, MA.

Have you ever resonated or heard this statement?

“I have to hold it all together.”

September is World Alzheimer’s Month!

And as the holiday season comes around the corner, I want to hold space here for the caregiver.

Whether you are caregiving for aging parents, children, relatives, short term/long term, or within your own professional life as a helping professional—you deserve space.

Caregivers hold many spaces…

Outside of themselves and carry others’ journeys along with their own. It is not an easy path to extend care outside of ourselves and to balance all of the moving parts that comes with life’s lemons. Feelings of isolation, sadness, frustration, and grief. My mother was a caregiver for my grandmother during her progression of dementia and it opened my eyes to the many roles she carried.

Hidden Badges of Honor

I want to uplift the individuals that are caregivers and shine light on those hidden badges of honor. It is important for us to hold space for caregivers to express the emotions that are often in silence.

Burnout is not unknown to the caregiver and it is vital to recognize the signs without judgment. Turning to therapy as additional support does not weaken your capability as a caregiver. It fills your cup so that you can pour comfort into others’ vessels. Is your cup empty? Let’s take the time to process, replenish, restore.

This space is for you outside of that additional role.

You deserve to voice your needs.

Your cape can be taken off in this space to take the time for you.

The caregiver– you are seen.