Q&A with Skyway Staff

Front Desk

Questions asked by Molly, our Digital Marketing Coordinator, and answered by Skyway staff members under various roles.

Q: How did you decide to work at Skyway?

Lynne: “I was so excited to start with a company that was starting from the ground up. I was looking for a change for myself and after talking to everyone during the interview, everyone was so excited and positive that I felt like it was the perfect place for me to be. They were so ready to take on the industry and make a difference in the community.”

Matt: “Greg’s presentation for Loyola because he put a lot of emphasis on self-care for the employees. He also discussed the quality of training we would receive which was super important to me.”

Adie: “I wanted to start working here because I worked in Eating Disorder (ED) higher levels of care for many years and wanted to learn a trauma-informed approach to ED care. Also, I was excited to work under Julie and Laura and work at a small company that cared about the clinician’s well-being.”

Q: Why did you go into this field?

Molly: “Social media has always been something I am passionate about, and being able to do it related to mental health/therapy awareness was the perfect job for me to thrive. I love being able to show off Skyway in a fun, silly, and informative light through Tik Tok. It makes me so happy to connect with other organizations and people online who are doing some really amazing work in our community.”

Steph: “Growing up, a lot of people in my family and in my life struggled with their mental health (myself included). At a young age before I even knew what mental health care was, I remember watching my family members struggle, and I wanted to understand why they were acting the way that they were. Their behaviors impacted me so much that this mindset of trying to understand our motivations behind our behaviors became a huge interest of mine. 

Through a long tale of twists and turns I ended up in college, in Nashville, Tennessee, studying music therapy. Music and creativity was my way of understanding my emotions, and reading and listening to people’s stories became my way of understanding people. 

I’m very grateful that the way I found myself in this career was through music and creativity and compassion for what people experience and go through. It is my anchor as I practice therapy with clients, and how I navigate my own life.” 

Q: What inspires or motivates you to continue doing this field of work?

Natalie: “It’s fun to see clients making progress. I love to be able to see them live their life worth living and realize that there is so much stuff outside of life than food.”

Maggie: “Knowing that I am helping to empower and enact change in their own lives and help them build that confidence. Also, to give a voice to the voiceless”.

Karolina: “I like to spend time with people in the kitchen, talking to them, helping them, and being around such nice people.”

Q: How do you slay in your role?

Greg: “My natural slayness. I was born with it. Also, can you tell me what slay means?”

Faith: “My energy and zest for life.”

Bri: “By wearing my cardigan and ‘I activate’. I also have been told that I call clients out in a warm, gentle way.”

Q: What’s your favorite therapist quote?

Judy: “Good noticing.”

Ashley: “If being hard on yourself worked, it would’ve worked by now.”

Q: If you were a DBT skill, which one would you be?

Kevin: Love & Kindness


Ashley: Effectiveness